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Video: If You Need to Move a Tree, Just Blow It Up

exploding tree

Here's one way to fix a problem: light the fuse and run!

First of all, this is so inherently dangerous, it should go without saying that you should never try this yourself. Having said that, sometimes exploding trees are a result of freezing, expanding tree sap.

However, this is a little different, as these guys have simply filled a tree with some kind of incendiary material.

While that was entirely awesome, let's just reiterate how dangerous this could really be. The shards from the exploding tree alone could kill a man, not to mention the explosion itself.

Thankfully all we could hear was their laughter and not any ominous groans in the background. Hopefully there weren't any cavity-nesting birds in that tree when it went up in smoke!

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Video: If You Need to Move a Tree, Just Blow It Up