tree stand

Video: If This Old Treestand Could Talk…

If your tree stand could talk, what would it say?

The following video made by the National Deer Alliance ponders that question.

So, what would your old tree stand say? Would it tell stories, like the poem recited by the narrator in the video? Would it reminisce about bucks missed and taken? About other critters and storms? About watching over the woods as history takes place? About the history of the family that used it over the years?

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What do you think about when you watch this video? I think about the deer I've seen, the squirrels that have annoyed me and the shots I've taken.

I think about the tree stand that was stolen, the climber I tried for a couple years and the times I wished I had placed it at a little better angle.

I reminisce about my dad and my grandpa, wondering what it was like for them in the woods when they went hunting. Both had stopped hunting by the time I started.

I think about the time a bald eagle landed on a tree branch less than 10 feet above me. I think about the wingspan on that bird, and how it slowly turned its head to look at me. I remember how it stared at me for several moments and then gently jumped off the branch, flapped once and soared away.

I think about how blessed I've been to get out into the woods, and be one with nature.

And, I pray, like the end of the poem read by the narrator:

If this old tree stand could talk

My prayer is that it would say

You're an honorable deer hunter

Like those who showed you the way.