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Video: Ice Fisherman Slides Across Ice Trying to Save Rod

When a fish strikes your rod and starts to pull it in, you have to think fast.

You've seen it before. You leave a rod by itself with the line in the water and step away for only a minute. Somehow in the short window of time you're away from your rod, a monster fish strikes and starts pulling your rig in the water.

Usually when this happens, you're catfishing from the bank of a river or from the shore of a beach, so the chances of saving your expensive fishing reel comes down to how fast you can run.

However, what do you do if this happens while you're ice fishing? For this ice angler, the only answer was baseball sliding across the ice in an attempt to snatch his lightweight ice fishing rod before the fish stole it forever.

Watch the video below to see what happens:

It's hard to tell, but it looks like he just barely missed saving his ice rod and spinning reel.

Could you imagine being that close to not only saving your ice fishing equipment, but likely reeling in a big fish, too, and coming up short by a matter of inches?

Watching a rod tip begin to bend and hearing fishing line begin to fly off an ice fishing reel is to enough to make all the ice fishermen out there salivate. But then to have it be all for naught? Talk about a bummer!

It's also worth mentioning that ice does not look thick at all. I'm honestly surprised he didn't break through the ice when he went into his slide. But, it's also worth noting that he had picture-perfect form in his valiant attempt!

On the bright side, he probably didn't have a whole lot of money invested into this ultra-light rod and reel combo. Additionally, it looks like he managed to save the rest of his setup, so at the end of the day, it could still be worse, right?

We'd like to give a big thanks to Amazing Videos Fishing for sharing this gem of a clip on Facebook for all of us to enjoy!