huge catfish

Video: Huge Catfish and Fast Water Go Together Like Franks and Beans

In any language, a huge catfish caught out of fast water is just exciting.

When you see the flow of the water, you'll immediately understand how classic this spot is for targeting any fish, but big cats love this kind of water. Knowing this, you may be gripping a little until this fisherman rethinks his first cast and actually lays his offering into that turbid water.

Once he does, it doesn't take long before his wish is granted and that rod doubles over with authority! That conspicuous sound of heavy line reaming through the guides is an anglers dream, but it also lets you in on the serious size and weight of the fish.

Whatever he starts saying—and it sounds like French—is music to the ears of fishermen everywhere, as the fight is on. Now all he has to do is keep up the pressure and put it onto the shore.

Luckily he had the video camera running:

Who doesn't love a clear water reservoir with a rocky shore you can walk right up to? There aren't any fishermen anywhere who wouldn't immediately recognize moving water by the drain pipe as prime fishing.

After watching the video a couple of times, I'm thinking he was quite smart doing what he did on the first cast: set and test the drag! That may not be the first big catfish he's pulled out of that water after all.

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