Lasha Racquel/Instagram

Video: Hooking Up with a 30-Pound Muskie While Perch Fishing

"I thought my bucket of perch was bad ass...until this happened!"

Ice fishing can often come with a mixed bag of surprises, and in the case of this Ontario angler, that unexpected tug on the end of her line turned out to be a muskie over 30 pounds.

Lasha Racquel was enjoying Family Day on an ice-covered lake in Ontario, Canada, when something other than the perch she was targeting took the bait. And as you're about to see, it sure did give this group of anglers some edge-of-the-seat excitement.

One thing's for certain, 8-pound-test line and a small, perch-sized jig head is not what you want to battle a brute muskie with. These words from Lasha certainly reinforce that statement:

"He finally rolled into the line to stop my drag and snapped it. Beautiful fish...30 lb plus muskie."

This just goes to show that in the game of fishing, you definitely win some and lose some.

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