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Hickok45 Checks Out the Guns of Red Dead Redemption II

These are the real-life versions of the guns from Red Dead Redemption 2.

Even if you haven't played it, by now you've surely heard about the western video game Red Dead Redemption II. This western epic made an astonishing $725 million in its first three days of release and is being hailed by critics for its phenomenal, emotional story, as well as its incredibly fun gameplay.

Set in the dying days of the "Wild West" in 1899, the game is also introducing a bevy of new audiences to the firearms of late 19th century America.

Even YouTube gun guru Hickok45 is impressed and excited about Red Dead Redemption II. He took the time to make a video to highlight some of the firearms Rockstar Games meticulously re-created for this incredibly detailed virtual world. Hickok's son also gives us a little insight into how each of these firearms was portrayed in-game and some of the differences between the digital version and the real-life historic firearms.

We never would have figured Hickok for the kind of guy to play video games. But kudos to him for having an open mind about the medium and for sharing some more in-depth information about these iconic firearms. They look as much fun to shoot in real life as they are in the game!

Having just completed playing the main story of Red Dead Redemption II last week, I can confirm it's an absolute masterpiece and one of the best westerns I've ever experienced. Yes, I'm even including movies in that statement! The only difference is the story takes place on a totally different platform than most are used to experiencing. Who said the western genre is dead?

Personally, my favorite gun in the game was the Winchester 1866 lever-action rifle, re-named in-game as the "Lancaster." It was perfect for the hunting segments and some of the wilder shootouts the game puts the player in. It also looks like a blast on the target range! I might have to look into getting one of those reproduction models for myself one of these days.

It was a real treat to see Hickok run down the real-life versions of the Red Dead Redemption II firearms in the game. He's right, they put an incredible amount of detail into the guns in the game and they're very close to the real thing.