Cause of deer death

Video: Have You Ever Seen a Deer Death Like This?

This uncanny deer death one you've probably never seen before. 

This isn't your everyday deer death. If you've never seen a deer die like this, you aren't the only one.

Dead deer surface each year across the United States, suffering from wildlife diseases such as epizootic hemorrhagic disease or chronic wasting disease, but deer deaths like this are few and far between.

Whether by car, hunter, disease or natural causes, deer die all the time. However, this is a first. So what's the cause of death?

Deer die sparring from time to time. It's not a common occurrence, but it does happen. Sometimes they literally gore each other to death. Other times they get locked up like these Georgia deer did, and they end up dying of exhaustion. This Wisconsin deer appears, however, to have died by an antler piercing its skull.

As often as deer fight, one would think this occurs more frequently. Maybe it does and we just don't witness it enough, but nonetheless, this is a terrible way for a deer to go out.

As deer hunters, we can scout deer deaths all the time. Often, deer die near water because they often need to cool down due to being sick. Deer hunting is obviously a large cause for keeping deer populations in check, however, we may see diseases like EHD and CWD affect deer mortality and deer populations more in the years to come.

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