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Hannah Barron Hand-Catches Mean-Spirited Catfish

Noodling season has sprung, and that means our favorite girl Hannah Barron is once again wrestling some monsters. 

We have to admit, we've missed our catfish noodling fix the likes of which only Hannah Barron can provide.

Fortunately, though, the water has once again warmed enough to wade back in.

For those who don't know, Hannah is an avid hunter and a tremendous outdoors woman who hails from Alabama. And yes, her specialty and one true love is hand-wrestling big ol' catfish.

This full-contact style of fishing is not for the squeamish, but man does it ever look like a thrill!


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These little fellahs are so fun to catch when they're this mean! 😆 The original video was over 4 minutes long. He didn't want to bite me at first, but when he did, boy did he attack! @jeffbarron70 was getting worried because I usually can't hold my breath for that long. I had a time wrestling that little quick joker, but that's what makes it so much fun. 🙌🏻 most fish don't bite and hold on, they bite and you have to grab them before they back up. This one bit me about 80 times in the 3 seconds I was trying to grab him then get a good hold on him before bringing him out of the hole. Just hoping I can find one about 40lbs heavier before the season goes out this year! #GetBit #Noodling @gatrcoolers ? ? P.S. Yes, I know I sound like a redneck.

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So, who's ready to jump in and give it a try?

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