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Video: German Shorthaired Pointer Locks Up on a Parakeet

This bird dog apparently never takes a day off.

Training a dog to hunt upland birds is no small feat, as it demands a ton of patience and determination. However, the finished product is truly something to marvel at.

The actual process behind teaching a sporting dog to point requires an owner to tap into his or her companion's most primal instincts, starting with the most basic drills and working up to live birds.

Over time, you'll find that your dog unintentionally points things other than live upland birds, though. Whether it's a fresh bowl of food, a toy lying on the ground or a squirrel in the backyard, they'll instinctively approach it via point without any thought at all.

In this particular case, we have a beautiful German Shorthaired Pointer who takes an interest in a caged parakeet at an American pet store. Instead of admiring it from a distance, the dog naturally locks up in an all-out point.

Watch the video below:

I know what you're thinking: how do you get your dog to do this? Well, there are two answers to this question. First, you have to find the right dog. Only very particular breeds will legitimately point, and finding purebred puppies usually makes a big difference.

Second, you need serious commitment. This doesn't happen overnight, but rather over a long period of time. Anyone can do it, but it's no side hobby; it's a full-time job.

Additionally, however, it's probably a good thing there was glass separating these two animals, as the GSP more than likely would've picked the bird up with its mouth. I'm not sure why, but dogs just love the taste of feathers, and apparently that includes those from a parakeet!