Alligator attacks golf cart
Denise Prues

Watch: Alligator Attacks 2 People on Florida Golf Course

It's unclear who has the right of way, but we'll give it to the gator.

Why did the alligator cross the fairway? To get to the golf cart on the other side, of course. What started as a fun day hitting the links turned into a harrowing ordeal—one that two golfers will likely retell for years as the day they narrowly missed an alligator attack.

The near calamity was captured by Florida homeowner Denise Prues, who was alerted to the animal when she heard a noise alongside her home, which happened to be in a prime viewing location of the golf course. The alligator was trotting along, presumably on his way to the inviting waters of the pond near Prue's home, when a pair of golf carts drove on to the scene.

The video shows the first cart passing the alligator without incident. The second cart, however, didn't have the same experience. No doubt spooked by the nearness of the first motorized vehicle, the alligator high-tailed it for the path, putting itself directly in the trajectory of the second cart, who swerved to miss the predator. The now-very angry alligator lunged for the cart, and its two occupants were inside.

Luckily, the driver was able to floor it to safety (at least as fast as golf carts go), as the alligator remained on the cart path open-mouthed, staring after the fleeing humans. Eventually, it went on its merry way and into the pond.

Interactions with the resident gator population aren't anything new for Floridians, and many comments took the alligator's side in the scenario. One viewer wrote, "The gator had the right-of-way, those had to be snowbird Yankees!!!! Too bad the idiots didn't run into the lake and become GATORBAIT!!!"

Some even claimed it likely lashed out because it was afraid of getting hit by the cart. Another wrote, "When trying to play golf in Florida..."

Alligators have been known to attempt to steal people's dogs and lash out at people walking by Florida waterways. While it's hard to say who was at fault in this scenario, it's a good reminder that you must be aware of your surroundings at all times, even when enjoying a relaxing game of golf, especially in Florida.

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