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Video: Ever Wondered How Elk Relocation Works?

If you're curious, this is how Kentucky performs an elk relocation. 

Elk are obviously large animals. For several decades, populations have been reintroduced to new areas, especially in the eastern U.S. The video below shows the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife relocating an elk in Bell County with a helicopter.

East Kentucky Elk Restoration 2018

SPECIAL DELIVERY - ELK were recently relocated within the 16-county southeastern Kentucky elk zone by our Wildlife staff and expert helicopter agents to continue the elk restoration process across the zone.

Posted by Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

This relocation is an effort to reestablish elk populations in a 16-county elk zone in eastern Kentucky. The Kentucky Deparment of Fish and Wildlife Resources partnered with the Appalachian Wildlife Foundation.

Typically, this method of relocating elk is less stressful to the elk than using a corral trap. The team will locate an elk herd and release a net. The team will then blindfold the captured animal to calm them down.

It seems to be a successful relocation by both organizations to further the well-being of elk in the eastern United States.

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Video: Ever Wondered How Elk Relocation Works?