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Tylor Kellys Camps Allagash Maine/Facebook

Video: Deer Cheats Death as It Rides Fast-Moving Ice Floe in Maine

That's one inventive way to get from point A to point B!

A young deer got more than it bargained for April 23 when it found itself stranded on a fast-moving ice floe in Maine.

Each spring, after being frozen for five months, the Allagash and St. John rivers break free of their hardened surface. And, for those folks who gather on the riverbank to watch the spectacle, spotting a deer out on thin ice was certainly cause for concern.

Sue Underhill Kelly posted the following footage, which shows the youngster scrambling across the sheet of ice as sections break up.

"We held our breath when this brave little deer stranded on the rushing ice floated by us today. We were watching the ice run out of the St John River at Cross Rock. The deer floated at least 2 miles downstream before we lost sight of it. I hope it made it to shore. Wish we could have done something to help."

The story does have a happy ending, though, as Bev Jandreau captured the little deer with her cell phone camera, making a valiant leap into the water before finally crossing a road to the safety of the forest.

Talk about one lucky little deer!

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