Coyote Peterson

Video: Coyote Peterson Just Entered the 'Sting Zone' with an Executioner Wasp

Coyote Peterson's journey to find the most painful sting has officially come to an end.

So, you've probably heard of Coyote Peterson and his YouTube channel, Brave Wilderness. If not, it's definitely worth checking out, as he's one of the gutsiest people on the planet.

Not only does he have extensive knowledge on a wide variety of wildlife, but he's willing to subject himself to some of Mother Nature's most painful elements.

That's right, he'll let just about anything sting or bite him, as long as he knows it won't kill him. He somehow gets a rush from experiencing the effects certain organisms can inflict on humans, regardless of how terrible it feels in the moment.

Well, that is until now. Peterson claims this is his last attempt to top a sting's level of intensity.

As someone who's taken stings from countless insects, he lives by the Schmidt sting pain index, a scale created primarily by entomologist Justin O. Schmidt that rates the pain caused by different insect stings.

The scale alleges the most painful sting is that of the bullet ant, which resides in rainforests in Honduras, Nicaragua and most of South America.

Peterson had taken on a number of insects on the list, including the tarantula hawk, the warrior wasp and the velvet ant, but he agreed the bullet ant was the most painful.

However, after feeling the wrath of the executioner wasp, he says there's a new "King of Sting" that dethrones the bullet ant. He also says this is the end of his quest to find the most painful sting, as this is far as he's willing to go.

Watch the video below to see for yourself:

On one hand, it's sad to see Peterson walk away from this collection of videos. But on the other, it's somewhat soothing to know he doesn't have to go through anymore pain. The man has been through enough!

Do you think you would let any of those insects sting you?