Video: Count How Many Things Go Wrong for These Sturgeon Fishermen

See if you can count how many things go wrong in three minutes for these sturgeon fishermen.

One thing you will see right off in this fishing video is that a fisherman's friends have his back at all times. When your buddy looks tired, or if he's having trouble with his footing, there's usually another one standing there that's ready to help.

It's not easy to make faulty equipment work, and the stuff these guys are using is ready to explode!

Between the size of the fish and the fact they probably foul-hooked it, you'll think this little fishing trip is doomed. But fortunately, the buddy system is alive and well!

First off, they've almost certainly foul-hooked this sturgeon. And, while their technique needs some work, these dudes persevered all the same.

Let's see: the first guy had to give up, the reel came out of the seat, the rod broke like three times, and that big fish came in backwards! When was the last time that you watched one guy hold the rod while the other guy had the reel?

Cheers to these guys for never giving up! Here's hoping that that big sturgeon was a good meal, because it didn't look like it was going to swim away.

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