boat throws driver
YouTube: ReelJedi

Boat Throws Driver at Full Speed, Keeps Driving Aimlessly

The thought of being ejected from your boat at full speed is scary enough, but the boat didn't stop!

There's nothing more dangerous when you're fishing out on the water than a boat without a driver. Not only can these machines move at high speeds, but they're heavy enough to cause serious damage or injury, and a running prop can be downright devastating.

Fortunately, as soon as Spencer Kelly noticed what was going down in the following video, he followed all the proper steps without letting the moment shake him.

Kelly, who's best known for his YouTube channel "ReelJedi," has spent his fair share of hours on the water, so he's no stranger to boating safety.

Watch the video below:

Thank goodness no one had the bright idea to swim over and try to pull themselves up onto the boat. There's a very, very slim chance that would end without serious injuries.

These guys did it just right. They prioritized pulling the ejected driver to safety before the boat could have a chance to hit him. As soon as he was up onto their boat, they put distance between themselves and the boat to avoid a crazy boating accident.

Despite the fact authorities took a while to get out there, calling 911 was still the right move. While they were waiting, they tried to use a little innovation to stop it themselves, but it would ultimately stop itself on a bank long enough for the driver to hop up and hit the kill switch.

Easily the craziest part of this whole video is that the driver and boat walked away just fine! What are the chances of that?

What's also crazy is that he probably would've been hurt worse in this boat crash had he been wearing a life jacket, as it likely would've pushed him into the prop.

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