Video: Biologist Shows Us How to Forage for Common Wild Foods


Foraging with expert Nick Spero at your side will help you see a different side of some very common plants.

Nick Spero is a master forager with years of experience presenting programs and leading foraging walks in nature. With that in mind, he'll be the first to say that foraging for wild plants can be wonderful and tasty, but also dangerous, and even deadly.

"When you pick wild edibles, several considerations need to be carefully thought out," he says. "You need to pick responsibly, you need to pick ethically, and plants are living animals, so you just don't want to rip them out of the ground. You want to be thankful for what you pick and pick responsibly."

Here's Spero on an average wild edibles hunt in Maryland:


"There is an old adage of taking a plant and crunching it up, taking a soft area of your body, like the inside of your wrist," he says. "Rub it on, wait, see if there's any reaction. If there is no reaction, take the plant and rub it on your lips. Wait. Not seconds, but minutes, half an hour. I prefer positive identification."

A lesson in finding and eating wild edible plants wouldn't be prudent without some common safety tips. Taking a class on wild plants is one option. Another would be signing up for one of the nature walks such as this.

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