Giant Lake Trout
YouTube: apbassing

Big Manitoba Lake Trout Barely Fits Through the Hole in the Ice

Sometimes one fish makes a trip worth it.

It can be utterly frustrating to travel a long way from home for a fishing trip and then come up short. Especially after you've spent hours and hours on the boat or the ice. However, sometimes, it takes just one fish to turn things around. A fish so big you instantly forget the hours you spent not getting any bites. A fish so large it makes the trip entirely worthwhile all on its own. Almost every angler can likely relate with this happening at least once.

That was the case in this video from apbassing.

He was in Manitoba hoping to catch a big lake trout with his buddy, Spencer. After much difficulty, What they end up catching makes all the frustration totally worth it!

You know it's a big fish when it barely fits through the hole in the ice! What a mondo lake trout that was! The excitement in this video was palpable. After all, these guys had tip-ups out for hours without so much as a nibble. They had been on the ice nearly 24 hours at this point. It just goes to show that patience pays off!

As these guys note, this fish was likely extremely old. A fish smaller than this one was recently caught in Lake Superior that turned out to be a ripe old 46 years of age! That means it was swimming around the lake first during the Nixon administration. Who knows how old this giant was, but it was certainly an awesome experience to catch on video.

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