eagle swipes fish

Video: Bald Eagle Swipes Fisherman's Catch

This angler lost his catch, but captured some unbelievable footage.

Considering where this camera is placed and the fact a fish is just laying there for the taking, it's probably safe to say these anglers were trying to entice an eagle they saw nearby.

I can't say I blame them, as I couldn't write up a better plan to get footage of an eagle.

Facebook user Nick Batchelder captured the following video about a week ago on Little Sebago Lake in Maine.

Watch the video below:

It's hard to tell what kind of fish this was from the camera angle, and Batchelder didn't specify in his caption. However, it doesn't appear the eagle is too worried about it, either.

It's always amazing to see wildlife up close and personal, especially when it's an animal as iconic as an eagle. They never look quite that big when you're lucky enough to see them in the sky, but when you see them like this, it gives you a whole new perspective.

How many times do you think they tried to do this again after the first try actually worked?