120-pound sturgeon
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Video: Angler Pulls 120-Pound Sturgeon Through Minnesota Ice

This fish was so big, they had to drill additional holes in the ice to get him through.

Ice fishing seems to be its peak right now, as videos keep surfacing left and right of anglers pulling up monster fish in the northern states.

However, of all the incredible ice fishing videos we've already seen, this one may be the best, as the fish likely go down as the biggest fish in Minnesota state history.

Not only did these guys hook a 78-inch, 120-pound sturgeon through the ice, but it was so big, it wouldn't even fit through the holes they drilled.

Once they had an opening with the total of five drilled holes, it was just a matter of pulling it through.

Watch the video below:

The largest catch-and-release fish to ever come out of the North Star State was a 94-pound sturgeon. Seeing as this sturgeon weighed an estimated 120 pounds, it should have no problem taking the top spot in the record books.

Darren Troseth of Jordan caught the fish Feb. 9 on the St. Croix River, using a 40-inch Wolfram Custom rod, an Okuma Ceymar C40 reel, Suffix 40-pound line and fatheads and crawlers with homemade beads with a treble hook for bait.

Fortunately for all the other anglers out there, Troseth released the sturgeon back into the water to fight another day.

Now he awaits the official word from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Even though the cold weather is brutal in northern states like Minnesota this time of year, I have to admit I'm jealous of those who have the ability to ice fish in the winter.

Congratulations to Troseth and his crew on an incredible catch! We hope you get some good news from the DNR!

To see more of his videos, be sure to check out his YouTube channel, DTroFishOn.