elk crossing
Facebook: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Video: 700 Elk Cross Oregon Road all at Once

We've all seen videos of big elk herds crossing the road, but how about 700?

Imagine that feeling of having to slam on the brakes for a deer and then seeing three or four more pop out of the woods. Think about how cool it is to see so many big-game animals at once, and know a couple more could still come out.

Now consider if you replaced that handful of deer with 700 elk!

That's what happened on Red Pepper Road in Oregon's Grande Ronde Valley earlier this week.

Thanks to a video from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, we all get to experience this awesome moment.

Watch the video below:

While all of America is riddled with beautiful wildlife, the western states undoubtedly have it just a tad better. Whether you're traveling through the Rocky Mountains, the plains of Wyoming or the deserts of Arizona, there's always a chance you're going to come across some truly magnificent wildlife, which can't be said about every eastern state.

There's a reason hunters dream about making a trip to a place like Oregon, and this clip basically sums it up.

According to the video description, March is usually one of most challenging months of the year for elk, as they're battling the back half of winter, which has been particularly rough this year.

ODFW also notes in the description that people should keep a safe distance from the animals to avoid stressing the animals.

Thanks to ODFW for sharing such an awesome video!