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7-Foot, 230-Pound Alligator Gar Drags Jon Boat Around Texas River

YouTube: The Fish Whisperer

This gar may be 80 years old!

Usually when we share a video from the Fish Whisperer, it's one of his signature fish-feeding videos.

But when he uploads an actual fishing video, it's usually a real winner. That's definitely the case here.

This one isn't your usual gar fishing video. This fish is a 7-foot, 230-pound monster that's half the size of the jon boat he catches it from!

Watch the video below:

What a fish! This is pretty much as close as you can get to an encounter with a dinosaur these days. It's simply mind-blowing to think this alligator gar has been swimming around that narrow river since World War II.

As he says, these fish are misunderstood and often regarded as a trash fish. It's refreshing to see someone with a more respectful attitude toward them.

Many people don't think of gar as a sport fish, but you can't deny the awesome fight this fish gave him. We're happy to see he released this beast to give another angler a chance at the thrill of a lifetime!

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7-Foot, 230-Pound Alligator Gar Drags Jon Boat Around Texas River