Coyote Urban

Urban Coyote Snarls and Bears Teeth at Car Full of People

Coyotes are overpopulating, hungry and ready for a fight if they feel threatened.

As more and more of our natural areas are paved over, wildlife is often left with no place to go. As a result, they start moving into urban areas where they either struggle or thrive. In the case of the coyote, they have thrived. And unwanted human-coyote encounters are on the rise, making for some dangerous situations. Especially when pets and younger children are involved.

In most wild areas, coyotes will shy away at the first sight of humans. After living in an urban environment, the exact opposite seems to be true.

In a video John Schroter shared on Facebook, we see just how dangerous an urban coyote can be.

The occupants of the car may have been laughing, but urban coyotes aren't exactly funny. Note the dog leaping up against the fence in the early part of the video when the predator goes past. What if that had been your pet? It's a good thing the fence was there to separate them, but that isn't always going to be the case.

Urban coyotes may have lost all natural fears of humans. The problems that arise from them traipsing through backyards, parks and playgrounds become obvious immediately. What's worse is that they raid garbage cans, dog and cat food, and even gardens. Unfortunately for us, they have adapted a bit too well to the urban landscape. In this case, a really aggressive coyote attacks a car. What if that had been the vehicle's occupants? It's a good thing they didn't get out!

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