In a Veteran vs. Gamer Shooting Competition, Who Does It Best?

Veterans and gamers head to the shooting range to measure who's a better shot. 

Gamers and veterans face off in a friendly shooting competition at a Los Angeles gun range. BuzzFeed organized the competition.

The Veteran team consisted of David Lonigro, a Marsoc Sniper, and Mikal Vega, a Navy Seal. The gamer's team was formed of professional gamers "RunJDrun" and "Fatal1ty."

Before you watch the video, who do you have your bet on in this veterans vs. gamers sharpshooting matchup?

The veterans offered plenty of useful and helpful hints to the gaming team. Although it didn't give the gamers an edge against the veteran's sharpshooting.

RunJDrun had never shot a gun before, and thanks to the help of the veterans, he did a solid job.

Ultimately the veterans shot with 100% and pure professionalism, while the gamers gave a heck of an effort.

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