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Canada COs Save a Deer Shot in the the Head with a Crossbow

deer shot in head
Heather Gardiner

A pregnant doe was spotted with an arrow through her head. Luckily, Conservation Officers tracked her down and safely removed it.

A resident of Maple Bay, Vancouver Island, spotted a pregnant doe on her property June 6. This wasn't unusual, as it was regularly seen in her yard. What was unusual - and shocking - was the arrow sticking clear through the poor animal's head.

deer shot in head
Heather Bertrand

According to the CBC, Conservation officers were called that Tuesday, and again the next day, when the doe appeared once more - this time with newborn fawn in tow. Both times the deer became spooked when officers showed up, retreating to the woods. But on June 8, officers were finally able to track her down.

"We are able to track her down in the bushes and successfully get a dart into her with some drugs," said conservation officer Scott Norris. "The drugs took effect and she went down quite peacefully and we were able to pull the arrow from her face."

Officers said the doe had a hole in her neck and a gash through her palate, but they were able to clean the wounds and apply antibiotic cream.

The area the doe was found is off-limits to hunting, and for this reason, CO Scott Norris had this to say to whomever is responsible for this cowardly crime:

"We'd like you to turn yourself in, own up to your mistake and face the consequences."

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Canada COs Save a Deer Shot in the the Head with a Crossbow