treestand retrieval

Use This Knot Next Time You Drop Something Out of the Treestand

Let's face it, when you drop something from the treestand, getting down seems like the worst thing in the world.

Your hat, one of your gloves, your bow release or (like in this video), your entire quiver full of arrows... We've all dropped something from our treestand. I normally carry a treestand retrieval tool just in case, but let's say you didn't pack that. What now?

Watch the beginning of the video below as I use an arrow and some paracord to make a DIY treestand retrieval tool.

The knot used here is called a clove hitch. Essentially it's two half hitches combined into one. That being said, it uses friction and change of direction to keep stability and strength within the knot.

A simple overhand knot would slide no matter how tight you tie it. The clove hitch uses tension to keep the knot from sliding. This allows you to not only maintain the arrow but allow you to lift a substantial amount of weight.

The weakest point of this entire set up would be maintaining a grasp with your broadhead. A fixed broadhead could work, but an expanding broadhead, like a Rage Broadhead, could work better.

Prior to sending the arrow down, however, you would need to ensure to lock the blades in some form, otherwise you risk the chance of the broadheads opening while lifting.

treestand retrieval

Aside from picking things up with the clove hitch, I was able to take a mature doe in Maryland moments after she stepped off of private land.

Respect the landowner, respect the animal, and respect the hunt. It's much more enjoyable that way.
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