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Bass Reactions to Lures Help Give New Insights in How to Catch Them

Underwater Footage
YouTube: TacticalBassin

By seeing how the fish react, we can better figure out how to target them.

One of the most frustrating aspects of bass fishing is just figuring out how the fish are reacting to our lures. Unless you've got extremely clear water and perfect conditions for sight fishing, it can be hard to tell just what that tap at the end of your line means.

Was it an aggressive feeding strike? A curiosity nibble? Maybe it was a half-hearted strike in attempt to kill what it though was a dying baitfish. It's hard to determine what the fish's intentions were by feeling alone.

Fortunately, as camera technology improves, we are starting to see some secrets unlocked as to what the fish are really doing. For the first time ever, we can watch how bass react to our favorite jigs and jerkbaits in a way that was nearly impossible before. This video from TacticalBassin helps illustrate what we mean. You're sure to come away with some takeaways that will help you catch fish this spring.

One of the things I took away from this video was two reasons why I miss many fish. Perhaps my hooks are not quite sharp enough, but more importantly, the fish is not necessarily taking the whole bait in its mouth on the first tap. That five-pounder grabbed the end of the jig's skirt behind the hook before inhaling the whole lure. If you set the hook too early, you're ripping the lure out of the fish's mouth, probably ruining any chance at it.

On the other hand, set the hook too late, and the fish has already realized it's not food and has rejected it. Bass fishing requires riding a very fine line at times on both your presentation and how you react to those strikes. Seeing the larger fish hit the smaller one just for taking the bait also makes us wonder how many little fish have stolen our chances at a big one over the years.

No wonder so many pro anglers spend so much of their time on the finer things like hook replacement and form on setting the hook. It's one thing to read about how fish react to lures, but this video gave us a whole new set of things to think about as we get ready to hit the waters this spring.

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Bass Reactions to Lures Help Give New Insights in How to Catch Them