two young bull elk

Two Young Bull Elk Found Dead in Western North Carolina

Two young bull elk were found dead in North Carolina at a dairy farm.

Elk tags may never be distributed in North Carolina and Tennessee if they keep showing up dead. This time two young bull elk were found dead where a recently erected elk fence was installed.

The fences were installed at the Ralph Ross and Sons Dairy Farm. One of the young bulls was discovered inside the fence while the other was found outside.

When the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission returned the elk had been buried. The landowners agreed to unearth the elk so the officers could inspect the carcasses.

No bullet holes were found, and the carcasses deteriorated too much to secure a tissue sample.

Last year a similar instance occurred on January 29, when seven elk were found shot on the family's property. Ralph Ross called the WRC saying three elk were eating his winter wheat. The WRC later returned and found four more dead in the woods nearby.

The native species was reintroduced in 2001 to the Great Smoky National Park starting with a population of 52 that has grown to about 150.

The WRC installed a 2-mile fence costing $19,000 which was paid for by state money from hunting licenses. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation reimbursed the Wildlife Commission $1,900.

According to Ross the fence was not keeping them elk out. A portion of the fence lost electricity which is speculated to be from storms.

Some believe the best option right now is to foster habitat on public land that elk will be drawn to instead of farmers' fields. What are your thoughts?

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