Turkey Hunters Will Love These 3 Things We Saw at SHOT Show

With spring gobbler season around the corner, we couldn't forget about all you die-hard turkey hunters.

While SHOT Show showcases more guns than anything, it does have its fair share of quality hunting products, too. And, with turkey season right on the horizon, we decided to list our favorite turkey hunting products we found.

Federal Premium's All-New Turkey Lineup

The GRAND SLAM is loaded with copper-plated lead shot and the HEAVYWEIGHT TSS is loaded with Tungsten Super Shot.

This is some of the coolest turkey ammunition you'll see on the market, and Federal gives you a number of different options.

The GRAND SLAM gives you extreme knockdown power, the HEAVYWEIGHT TSS gives you the largest pellet count and the largest range and the 3RD DEGREE gives you a versatility at any range.

The 3RD DEGREE, however, is a hybrid of the two with the addition of No. 6 FLITESTOPPER lead.

Primos' All-New Turkey Call Collection

Primos came to SHOT Show 2018 ready to impress some turkey hunters. They added four new mouth calls, the easy-to-use "Drag Strip" slate call and two new box calls.

While the 30th anniversary box call is very nostalgic, featuring classic logos and all, the "Tall Timber Gabriel" was one of our favorite hunting products showcased in the whole show. It features two different-sized thumb grooves to make aggressive clucks even easier, all while still maintaining the versatility of a good box call.

Primos DoubleBull SurroundView Ground Blinds

While these aren't limited to only turkey hunting, you have to admit, one these would make for an epic turkey blind.

Having the ability to see through everything while completely camouflaged makes turkey hunting instantly easier. Primos offers 360-degree, a 270-degree and 180-degree options as far as visibility goes, each of which are different sizes. Even the smallest option is a very roomy blind, so you can't go wrong.