Turkey Calling: Why Position Matters as Much as Calling, with Mossberg

Your position matters as much as calling when you are onto hunting wary turkeys, so check out these tips from Mossberg.

Here are some tips from Mossberg about positioning yourself for success without spooking the turkey you want to lure into your sights.

Some excellent points on maneuvering yourself to the best location to get your shot and bag that bird. Be wary of calling until you are set because a tom may move in and will spot you before you can hunker down for a shot.

Also, use the ground to your advantage when moving to one of your spots and even while scouting. If there is a treeline or brush, use that to move under cover instead of crossing right across a field. Turkey with their amazing eyesight will spot you before you even know it. Also use some good optics to scan your next bound before you move, it is amazing how turkey can hang up just inside bush lines or trees and you can barely spot them until you spook them, then it is too late.

Use ground and cover to your advantage this season to get the drop on those wary turkeys.