Truth or Consequences: New Mexico's Hot Spring and Cuisine Capital

Truth or Consequences is a mouthful of a name as well as a popular icebreaker game. This town in New Mexico threw caution into the wind and changed its name to Truth or Consequences.

"T or C," as it's affectionately called, got its name from a gameshow of all things. Up until 1950, the town was known as Hot Springs, New Mexico, due to the area's many natural-hot-springs spas.

Why Is It Called Truth or Consequences, New Mexico?

In March of 1950, radio show host of Truth or Consequences, Ralph Edwards, announced that he'd air the program's 10th-anniversary show from the first town to change its name. Within a month, Hot Springs swapped its name, and the rest is history.

Today, this town is made up of a total area of 28 square miles. Truth or Consequences is home to an estimated 5,700 local New Mexicans. For travelers, there is plenty to do and see when road tripping the state of New Mexico, and the town of Truth or Consequences is a great place to stop along this journey.

Things to Do in Truth or Consequences

Every visitor enjoys the stroll through downtown Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. This scenic town has various things to do for visiting travelers, from hiking, biking, fishing, and camping to viewing cultural and historic sites. However, people often come to this town for relaxation in the thermal, mineral water flowing from the Rio Grande River.

Visitors need only head downtown to the Hot Springs Bathhouse Historic and Commercial District to choose hot spring locations. For example, Riverbed Hot Springs and Sierra Grande Lodge and Spa are full-service resorts with natural hot springs, lodging, RV spaces, and more.

After a soak, it is customary to walk along the Rio Grande River to Ralph Edwards Park and Pond, where outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the environment and local wildlife.

Additionally, tourists often immerse themselves in the history and culture of this town by touring the Geronimo Springs Museum and sampling the delicious New Mexican cuisine.

How to Get There

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The city of Truth or Consequences, NM, is located within Sierra County—sitting right on the legendary Rio Grande River. The Truth or Consequences area is located on the South end of New Mexico. This town is a two-hour Southbound drive from Albuquerque and three hours from the capital city of Santa Fe. From Las Cruces, visitors would drive an hour and a half North to get to T or C. Tourists from other states should note this area operates in the Mountain Daylight time zone.

The town of Truth or Consequences is a great go-between when traveling to other cities in the state of New Mexico like Elephant Butte, Monticello, Las Palomas, Cuchillo, Hillsboro, Williamsburg, and Caballo. Residents and visitors of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, often visit nearby attractions like Caballo Lake State Park or Elephant Butte Dam.

Truth or Consequences Attractions

When planning a trip to Truth or Consequences, it is most popular to visit during the first weekend of May. For over 70 years, this weekend, known as "Fiesta," has been celebrated in town. After the town's name change, Edwards and his gameshow came to town for the first-ever Fiesta party. Today, this celebration comprises street vendors, car shows, live music, sports events, and more.

After working up an appetite at the big get-together, tourists and residents drink and dine in the downtown area. One local brewery known as T or C Brewing Co. is a popular location to stop for a pint or pick up a six-pack of local brew.

Visitors looking for one last educational experience should look no further than the Spaceport America Visitor Center. This stop is meant to showcase and highlight space exploration for those in town. What's more, the company that owns this location aims to be the area's premier commercial spaceport. One day this Las Cruces company hopes to make space travel as accessible to all Americans as air travel is today.

Whatever an individual or family decides to do on their trip to Truth or Consequences, they can rest assured that the area provides much to be observed and enjoyed during a New Mexico vacation.

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