Trust Me When I Say I Found the Ultimate Hunting and Fishing Watch

I know for a fact that you do not want to go outdoors without this watch. 

I've always been picky when it comes to selecting the perfect watch to assist me when I'm outdoors. It's got to be more high-tech than something I would wear to work, but also casual enough to be worn on the daily.

That's why I was excited to find the Suunto Traverse Alpha Hunting and Fishing Watch. This watch has been my ultimate guide, keeping me on track with the GPS navigation and information about weather changes. Alongside the high-tech attributes, it has a compass and is, of course, waterproof. You can use it to set your alarm and even receive mobile notifications. You can get one for $569.00.

Suunto Traverse Alpha Hunting & Fishing Watch


This watch really can be your go-to guide when you are outdoors. The hiking, fishing and hunting modes are programmed with the necessary information for each, such as the moon phase calendar, shot detection, and sunrise. This watch is equipped with a red backlight so you can follow your guide well into the evening.

If you know you're going to making quite the journey, this watch with also help you track speed, distance and altitude. I mean really, this watch does it all. Dare I say it's better than my Fitbit?

If you're wanting a watch that won't disappoint, I highly suggest you join in me in using the Suunto Traverse Watch. It has all you need and more, and it sits comfortably and handsomely on your wrist.