mountie chases bear
Damien G./YouTube

Truly Canadian: Mountie Chases Bear Away From Town in Awesome Video

Nice to know black bears respect the red serge.

Waterton Lakes National Park, located in Alberta, Canada, was the scene of a 'crime' on July 25. Not really, but a young black bear in the vicinity did receive the attention of an RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) officer. Best part: he was dressed in his traditional red serge!

Four Parks Canada officials, as well as Sgt. Clayton Wilbern, were attempting to 'haze' the bear from town. This technique, used to deter bears from coming into areas they're not wanted, involves making loud sounds or employing chalk ball guns. The majority of time, bears quickly learn their lesson.

Here's a rare look at a Mountie in red serge chasing after a bear:


"A lot of tourists," Sgt. Clayton Wilbern told Global News. "They were getting very excited, they were like, 'Oh wow, I came to Waterton to see a Mountie and a bear and I've got both! This was the closest I've ever been, and this was just a baby bear, so it was pretty cool."

Definitely doesn't get more Canadian than that!

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