TruFire Panic-X Archery Release Video Review

One of the leading causes of missed bow shots in the field is release punch. The Panic-X release by TruFire can help calm your shot when big bucks frazzle your nerves.

Image courtesy Black Ovis

The Panic-X bow release by TruFire is revolutionary in its anti-punch technology. In an era of hair-trigger releases, TruFire is helping you with your accuracy and bowhunting success rate by forcing you to slow down and take control of your shot.

TruFire is still providing you with their standard level of benefits such as:

  • Customizable Length Adjustment
  • Capture Hook Design
  • Foldback Buckle Strap

Yet, they add the anti-punch technology and allow you turn the release into a training aid by turning off the anti-punch feature.

The Panic-X by TruFire retails for $149, but can be found for less if you shop around.