(True) Confessions of a (Fake) Car Salesman

A well-coiffed and sharply dressed fake car salesman lays down the truth on that old, worthless "traveling pollution machine" he wants to sell you.

A car salesman may not have the most enviable job in the world. Some, in fact, may think the contrary, but there's always been a social disdain of sorts for the middlemen standing between driver and car. In a cheeky video from Cracked, a satirical embodiment of a car salesman tries his best to not sell you a car, basically.

Watch him crack the whip on the all-too-familiar car shopping experience.

This "legally mandated middleman" (car salesman) who resells cars "for almost no profit" discusses the secrets of the trade, including actual uses for little-respected car parts, describing the trunk as a "mobile closet," the back windshield as a "bug guts gallery" and the side panels as a "garbage case."

One of his more "honest" confessions is the incentive to sell customers something broken to boost its main profit center, the service department.

Purchase a car and contribute to his monthly sales volume goal today!

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