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Trio of Deer Interrupt College Baseball Game With a Light Jog

deer interrupt college baseball game
YouTube: CWRU Athletics

This was seemingly the most painless animal interruption to ever happen during a sporting event.

Wild animals have produced some of the most epic moments in sports entertainment through the years. And, a lot of those went down as all-time classics because no one could catch the animal or animals on the field.

However, in a college baseball game between Brandeis University and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, we see a different series of events unfold.

In the middle of an at-bat, three deer jump over a fence and decide to take a lap through the outfield, which, of course, stops play temporarily.

But what happens next is probably the last thing anyone expected.

Watch the video below:

Why isn't everyone always this nonchalant when these things happen?

While those deer were trotting from the right field fence to the left field fence, no one panicked whatsoever. One of the players casually opened a gate for them, but not before the deer sprinted back across the field and hopped right back over the fence where they came in.

The deer were on the field for no more than a minute and a half, and the players and coaches hardly had to move!

It definitely makes you wonder if they reason those animals always cause so much trouble is because people try to catch them.

What's your favorite sports moment that featured the surprise visit of a wild animal? Let us know!



Trio of Deer Interrupt College Baseball Game With a Light Jog