perfect trigger for your AR-15

Trigger Warning: How to Choose the Perfect Trigger for Your AR-15

The iconic AR-15 rifle is a weapon begging to be accessorized.

What better way to start improving your rifle than improving the trigger? Learn how to choose the perfect trigger for your AR-15 rifle.

Your AR-15 rifle may have come from the factory with a nice trigger pull that you can live with. Other AR-15 style rifles might have a heavy pull that causes you to be off target. Some polishing and lubing can even improve a factory trigger. This is best left up to a certified gunsmith as if too much material is removed a dangerous accident may occur. There are plenty of great aftermarket triggers just begging to become part of your AR-15 rifle. Here are a couple of well-liked trigger options.

Timney Triggers AR-15 Drop-In Trigger Module Solid Shoe. This easy-to-add trigger module will add an easy 3 lb, 4 lb. or 4.5 lb. pull weight to your rifle. Timney Triggers has a reputation for quality, and this trigger module is certainly a great a great addition to your rifle. 

JARD AR-15 Non Adjustable Trigger Kit will get you a 3-pound trigger pull on a single-stage trigger. At $148.99 from Brownells, it is a more economical but excellent choice.


There are many other trigger replacement options for your AR-15 rifle. A quick search will give you many results. It is best though to find a competition shooter who uses an AR-15 rifle for your own research. See if you can try them on a friend's AR-15 before you buy your own. It is all about personal preference when it comes to the world of triggers. Happy shooting.