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Trick Shooting With .22 Plinkster and TheCHIVE

There's nothing like collaboration to show off your skills; that's exactly what we get when .22Plinkster and TheCHIVE get together for some trick shooting.

If you're looking for some trick shooting that shows off some amazing accuracy then you've come to the right place. .22Plinkster and TheCHIVE have teamed up to make a trick shooting video and it's nothing less than impressive. Take a look below and see if you can decide which is your favorite trick shot.

While at first, some of these shots may simply seem unreal to you, they are all the kind of shooting you can accomplish if you are focused enough and put in the time and effort required. Each and every one of the shots that .22Plinkster pulled off during this effort with TheCHIVE was difficult, but not unattainable for any decent shooter willing to put in a little work.

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