Trick Riding Sisters Show Off Their Daredevil Side

These trick riding sisters are super talented, and they're not afraid to give even the craziest tricks a try.

It takes guts to gallop a horse. Horses are fast and have minds of their own - and the ground is hard, especially when you hit it at speed from five or six feet up in the air.

Now imagine galloping a horse and hanging from his side as you do. That's what these trick riding sisters do every day.

Krista and Amber Graham have a bit of a daredevil side to them. They're seemingly fearless when they're mounted on their palomino Quarter Horses. Whether they're standing up on horseback, dangling between their horses' legs, or doing some other wild trick, these trick riding sisters are the epitome of confidence and skill.

Take a look!

Trick riding is a thrilling sport, but it requires much strength and talent on the part of both the rider and the horse. Horses need to learn how to balance as their riders flip around and hang off the side, and they need the endurance to carry them around the arena at speed repeatedly.

Similarly, riders need to slowly and safely learn the skills they need to keep themselves safe during a trick riding run. It's a long, slow process to becoming a talented trick rider.


If you're interested in trick riding, please don't just go out and try it in your backyard. You need special equipment, a trained horse, and a knowledgeable trainer to help you learn. Start by calling around to local stables to find out if they know anyone who teaches trick riding. If you have a local trick riding team, contact them to find out about getting started in this exciting sport.

Would you ever want to give trick riding a try? Tell us in the comments!

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