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Treat Yourself to This Facial Trimming Set for More than 40% Off

Give yourself that salon style treatment.

If you've already shopped the Amish Beard Cream we love here at Spaces, you're definitely going to need this grooming set. The comb-and-scissor combo is sure to give you the beard you've always dreamt of growing, and it's 43 percent off right now, making it just $16.97.

Beard & Mustache Scissors With Comb For Precise Facial Hair Trimming 

facial scissors

These scissors are the perfect size, so you can reach those tough angles and tackle annoying hairs. The scissors and comb improve precision and ensure that your beard is smokin' hot and groomed to perfection.

Encased in a nice leather pack, these grooming tools can travel with you anywhere! Take control over your beard with this set and I promise the only thing you'll regret is using anything else.