yeti hopper

Traveling for Memorial Day Weekend? You Need the YETI Hopper

Don't show up to the festivities without this portable cooler.

The last thing you want to do is show up to any of your summer festivities without the proper cooler. You need something that's super easy to carry but will also keep those long necks chilled to perfection.

That is why I am obsessed with the 100% leakproof  YETI Hopper Two Portable Cooler. My friends and I love to pack this thing tight and head to the river for a proper camping trip.

Once you use this cooler, you won't want anything else. $349.99 is worth it for a quality American-made cooler, and now is a great time to get yours.

YETI Hopper Two Portable Cooler
yeti hopper

The YETI Hopper Two 30 is the first 100% leakproof portable cooler that is built with durability and consistency in mind. This thing keeps ice for days. With the updated design as well, your drinks will be much easier to fetch so you can enjoy your cold one with no hassle.

The cooler features a waterproof shell with nearly indestructible straps and can withstand all the challenges you might offer it.

Don't waste your time using something that you don't deserve. Treat yourself with a cooler that packs a punch, plus your favorite brew.