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Trail Camera Captures Another Trail Camera Capturing an Image of a Buck

We set up these trail cameras a couple years ago on each side of a creek that ran parallel to two trails. The trail cameras were set up where a third trail intersected both, giving us the best chance to capture deer movement. Ultimately, this made for a crossroads with a great amount of deer movement.

The trail cameras gave us a better idea as to which trail the deer were using and when they were using them. Our goal was to see if the deer were coming or going, and how they were moving across the creek. We never thought we'd capture a moment like this.

The image below shows a buck chasing a doe through the perpendicular trail that crossed the creek. At first, we just flipped through the image, saw it was a young buck and didn't think anything of it.

When we began going through the other card from the other camera, though, we noticed something. This camera went off at the exact same time as another camera, capturing the buck coming for the doe. It may not look like much, but when you stop and think of the odds of that happening, it's pretty incredible.

We've seen trail cameras capture plenty of really cool things. Sometimes we just flip through without really thinking twice of what we've captured.

This is one picture we almost tossed out of our catalog, but we're really glad we didn't. It may not be as interesting as catching Bigfoot, but this is certainly a unique photo.