Traeger Ranger: First Look at the Newest Portable Tabletop Pellet Grill

Camping, outdoor cooking, tailgates, and even everyday dinners will never be the same, thanks to the new Traeger Ranger.

Kick gas in the you know what with a portable wood pellet grill.

There is nothing like cooking with wood, especially a Traeger. The new Traeger Ranger allows you to cook with wood on the go. It's small enough to fit on a table, compact enough to carry with one hand, but large enough to cook for plenty of people.

Traeger Ranger

Cooking with the Traeger Ranger is like cooking with your own little convection oven. When you place your meat on the Ranger, not only is the temperature self-regulating, but it also provides for even cooking, ensuring the best cooked meat and vegetables you can find. If you want to smoke, grill or bake, this grill can do it all. The smoke flavor is far more subtle than say cooking over charcoal or an open wood fire and it makes for a delicious flavor.

The Traeger Ranger is a wood pellet grill that features the Traeger's Digital Arc controller. This is designed for precise temperature control without having to monitor or worry about overcooking. Traeger also added a Keep Warm Mode to the Ranger to keep your food warm until you are ready to eat. It also has a meat probe that allows you to see the internal temperature of your meat without having to open and close the grill multiple times.

Traeger Ranger

Traeger Grills

The amount of food the Traeger Ranger can hold is actually much more than it appears on their website. We found it could easily hold eight burgers and well over 10 hot dogs, even though it's only advertised as much less. The cooking capacity is 184 square inches and because the Traeger Ranger cooks evenly, you're able to use every bit of every square inch.

There is no need to worry about flare-ups or overcooking. The Traeger Ranger also features a timer to keep you notified for when to sauce or check on food. This works great for ribs during the 3-2-1 method, as well as making pulled pork that needs to be sprayed and wrapped.

The hopper capacity on the Traeger Ranger is 8 pounds and I found that even smoking pulled pork all day only used about half of a hopper capacity.

Traeger Ranger

Traeger Ranger

The Traeger Ranger is more than a wood pellet grill for camping and outdoor cooking, it's a wood pellet grill for just about everything. I use my Traeger Pro 34 Series for larger cookouts, smoking game meat and anything where I want the full wood and smoke flavor for more food at once. However, since getting the new Traeger Ranger, we have used it for the majority of our cooking as a family of three. The best part is, because it's much smaller, we go through fewer wood pellets. Without a doubt, this is my favorite pellet grill I've ever put my hands or my food on.

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