Tourons of Yellowstone Instagram

Tourist Lays in Middle of Road to Photograph a Nearby Bison

We all love to take pictures of nature, but this Yellowstone National Park tourist is taking things a little bit too far. A video shot by park visitor Alex Broadstock was posted to the Instagram account, Tourons of Yellowstone, showing a tourist lying down in the middle of a road within ten feet of a bison. The bison is happily munching away on the grass at the road's edge. While a close-up shot of a bison eating from that low angle may look pretty neat, it's definitely not worth getting trampled or gored.

Officials at Yellowstone and the National Parks Service recommend staying at least 25 yards away from bison, elk, and other wild animals. Unfortunately, this gentleman is a lot closer than that for a photo that probably isn't as cool as he thinks it is. One viewer comments, "Everyone in this video is too close. Not just the guy on the ground." Another points out that he is in a "prime trampling position." Many viewers hope for nature to take its course in situations like this, where common sense is not that common. One says, "Is it wrong for me to root for the wildlife EVERYTIME?"

This guy does not seem to respect the boundaries set forth by the park and certainly doesn't care if the bison wants him that close or not. Another Instagram viewer writes, "The disrespect you show to nature is truly abhorrent when doing things like this."

Granted, there are situations where you are walking and cannot maintain the 25 yards, like one commenter pointed out: "We had bison pass by us very close on our trip to Yellowstone, but we did approach them, and they paid us no mind. We didn't seek interaction, and neither did they."

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