Top Field & Stream Picks From the Wide Open Spaces Editors

These were a few of our favorites from the great collection of outdoor gear at Field & Stream Shops.

After nearly a full year testing out a wide range of gear from Field & Stream Shops, we had to do a little reflecting to come up with a list of our overall favorites. Even though everything we used was pretty cool, these stood out as winners in quality, functionality, and definitely value.

We rounded out the list of our top choices in the hunting and fishing category, and tossed in a wild card at the end that would be great for any outdoorsman.

These are the Wide Open Spaces editorial team's favorite items from the Field & Stream Shop.

Packable Rain Hunting Jacket and Pants

Field & Stream's Packable Rain Hunting Jacket and Pants go above and beyond typical water resistant gear. You can't predict the weather, and this thing is completely packable. That means you'll have it when you need it, but it won't get in the way if you don't.

Floating Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch

Speaking of rain water, this Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch really impressed our associate editor, who put it to good use while fishing as well as leisurely floating down the river in an inner tube.

Command Hunt 5 in 1 System Hunting Jacket

Another one of our editorial contributors thought the Command Hunt 5 in 1 System Hunting Jacket was one of the coolest, or should we say warmest, jackets he's hunted in. So much versatility in one piece of apparel makes for a great value purchase.

Eagle Run 12' Kayak

Shifting gears a bit, we had to recommend the Eagle Run Kayak, Field & Streams own offering in the small craft world. It has everything our editor could have needed on various Central Texas river fishing excursions.

Latitude Shirt

The Latitude Fishing Shirt is one of the lightest and most functional pieces of clothing we got to try out this year. We liked the short sleeved version, but that's probably because we spent a Texas summer wearing it.

Double Hammock

One of the best overall items we got to test out was the Field & Stream Double Hammock. It comes with a carrying pouch and unique wrap-around straps that made it the simplest hammock to hang, and one of the most comfortable.

So there you have it, our team's picks for the best Field & Stream gear we got to check out this year. Overall, everything we used was well though out, the kind of stuff we know we'd get good use out of when the moment's right.

The quality of everything really stood out; it'd be easy to go cheap and skimp on overall features and find less expensive materials or craftsmanship. Instead, piece after piece stood up to our initial tests, and certainly have the potential to continue doing so season after season.

Check out the Field & Stream Shop for yourself, and know that whatever you go with, you're getting a good deal on quality gear.