Top Auto News Headlines for the Week

Here's the latest from the world of auto news.

In this week's auto news roundup, we profile the Tokyo Motor Show's debuting Mazda next-generation Mazda3 with the Kai, Delphi's acquisition of self-driving startup nuTonomy, Denso's record-setting head-up display, and the Nissan IMx and Canto.

Mazda Kai

In my opinion, Mazda's next-generation Mazda3, the Kai, stole the show so far.

Its four-door and hatchback coupes feature the "less is more" philosophy of the Kodo design language promoting simpler body lines. Plus, it sports Mazda's new Skyactiv-X engine promising improved throttle response along with 30 percent and 20 percent gains in torque and fuel economy from the current 2.0-liter.

Delphi buys nuTonomy for $450 million

UK-based automotive supplier Delphi dished out $450 million for nuTonomy, a self-driving startup known for its "plug and play" automated driving software and modular platform that provides mapping, localization, and navigation services for self-driving vehicles. This acquisition helps speed up development by merging autonomous driving operations, combining expertise, and accelerating its commercial offerings to make it one of the biggest self-driving suppliers in the world.

Denso 24-inch head-up display


Denso, one of the biggest auto part suppliers in the world, has developed a 24-inch head-up display projection claimed to be the world's biggest.

Speed limit, driving speed, pedestrian mapping, and lane guidance are beautifully presented at the driver's eye level, improving awareness and safety. Look for it in the 2018 Lexus LS, which will go on sale in November.

Nissan IMx and Canto

Nissan's new IMx hit the Tokyo Motor Show with its insane curves, boxy front hood, and illuminating grille, hood, and roof upon ProPILOT drive mode activation.

Part of the brand's "Intelligent Mobility" initiative, features include hands-free driving, hand and gesture controlled infotainment, floating bucket seats, and a panoramic OLED instrument panel wrapping across the entire dashboard.

The Canto, Nissan electric vehicle lineup's new official "tune," replaces engine noise with a long, spaced out alien-sounding melody that activates when accelerating and de-accelerating at speeds between 12 and 19-mph.

This breaking development was designed to improve pedestrian safety and to refine Nissan's identity from a "marketing" perspective.