6 Things That Will Make This Turkey Season Better

Is your hunting gear adequate for spring turkey season?

We've searched for the best products to help you in your feathered pursuit.

If you pack these six items, your chances of success will certainly improve.

1. Turkey hunting vest with seat

During spring turkey season, it may be raining or even snowing. Sitting on the cold, wet ground isn't fun. A quality turkey hunting vest will keep your butt warm and dry, which will stop the fidgeting that scares away game. It also helps conceal you, and it's a handy place for your game calls, ammo and snacks.

2. Different turkey call options

Each turkey hunting situation requires a different call. A variety pack of calls in your hunting vest will allow you to pick the best call for the situation. Pack them all, and you'll be ready to call in birds.

3. A flock of decoys

Sometimes calls alone won't bring that big tom in. A flock of inflatable hens sure could help in that situation by spiking your tom's blood pressure up.

4. A pop-up hunting blind

Let's face it, many of us don't sit still well for long periods of time. A pop-up blind that can be set up quickly is perfect to hide those movements. Work your turkey calls and get your weapon ready without getting busted by the sharp-eyed fowl.

5. A high-quality butt cushion

The longer the wait, the harder it is sitting there. After a while, we start to feel every stick and the cold ground, and then the butt cramps kick in. For those days, add a seriously padded butt cushion and wait out that wise, old gobbler. He knows you usually leave early when your buns fall asleep. Throw him a curve instead.

6. Ground blind

Sometimes changing the playing field will win the game. A hunting blind can really help matters. In farm country, a hay bale hunting blind will fit into the landscape perfectly. Now that is a great investment that can be used for all seasons.