Hoof It Over Here for the 5 Hottest Equestrian Gear Trends

We appreciate the unbridled enthusiasm of the equestrian community over the trends we're seeing this year! There is a lot of gear on our staff's wish list! We looked at horse boots, stable supplies, riding gear, winter riding gloves, knee patch breeches, stable blankets, riding apparel, show coats and equestrian clothing for this short list of five products that fit into trends we're watching this year.

Helmet designs are super hot right now! The Tacknrider.com blog looks at must-have riding helmets and women's apparel. We reviewed a lot of popular blogs to see what influencers are saying. So what do you need in your tack room?

1. Noble Outfitters EquinEssential Collapsible Tote

This tote is made with durable canvas fabric and has so many compartments and pockets to stay organized. You can put your fly control products and show shirt in this tote so you don't forget these when headed down to the barn. Available for $49.95. 

2. Troxel Rebel Performance Helmet

Riding helmets are trending right now on every blog. These are built for bold performance and comfort. Western riders love the high-end features that make this helmet ideal for adventurous riders in and out of the arena. Available for $59.95. 

3. Sierra Horse Halter (The one and only original, patent pending)

If you're into horse riding, consider the Sierra Horse Halter. This is not a conventional halter. It is the only halter that utilizes a horse's own physiology and psychological tendencies to create a  dialogue between the horse and the handler. Available for $88.00. 

If you're interested in learning about martingales, read on.

4. Epona Sterling Performance Equestrian Socks

Before you put on those riding boots, you need some socks! Sometimes equestrian socks have a thicker footbed so your toes and heels get a little extra cushion! Available for $19.65. 

5. Epona Massage Pin Brush

A review of this brush on Amazon tells us,

"... Under very harsh conditions. My horses have very thick and long tails. This is not only the gentlest brush I ever encountered for tangles and to remove wood shavings stuck in the tail but it also lasts way longer than any other tail brush I ever used. "

A brush is as important as horse blankets. So you have to check out this must have stable supply. Ask your family for some gift cards (for special occasions) and then you can add this to your horse care wish list. Available for $10.58. 

Now, we also stumbled across cool fly boots, Tuffrider products to die for, Kerrits apparel, Quarter Sheets, Fly Sheets, Field Boots, Paddock Boots, Saddle Pads, Half Chaps, and Horse Tack (of course!) on Amazon so enjoy shopping!

Subscription boxes are also popular for all animal lovers including those that ride and care for horses!

We didn't include tall boots on this list but many influencers suggested the dressage ready-to-wear boots. Also, the Samshield Miss Shield Shadowmatt Helmet is a runner up in the helmet category.

Which of these horse trends is your fave? Please let us know in the comments below!

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