Top 5 Hunting Shows to Watch During the Rut

Take it from the experts at Waypoint TV: There are great hunting shows to watch during the rut, and you can stream them all, anytime.

Talk about perfect timing for whitetail hunters.

Since the season's in full swing, and the rut is going on across the country, there's no better thing to do when you can't be in the woods than watching (and getting inspired by) great deer hunting TV shows.

Luckily, there's a way to watch those kind of shows with ease, at any time, from virtually any device.

Here are the top five shows to watch during the rut, all available through Waypoint TV's streaming service. Heck, since you can view them through your phone whenever you want, you could even use the Waypoint app for those slower moments in the treestand. Just don't fall victim to the classic, modern day hunter's folly. Use headphones and don't get too distracted!

1. Chasing November

Chasing November is all about this time of year, created precisely for the hunting moments we love. Bucks sparring, chasing does, and making themselves vulnerable is what Bill Winke and friends live for.

2. Team200

Dreaming of that elusive 200-inch deer? Yeah, these guys too. Team200 has helped establish 200 inches as the new whitetail benchmark, but also focuses on helping any hunter harvest the biggest and most mature animals their area has to offer.

3. The Breaking Point

If you've never seen The Breaking Point, right about now would be a great time to familiarize yourself. The creators set out to make the best hunting show in the business, and if they aren't quite there yet, they're close.

4. Struttinbuck

It's right there in the show's title: Struttinbuck will get you hyped for the hunt in ways other shows can't. We particularly like how the hosts travel to different parts of the continent, giving off an in-depth, "right there with you" feel.

5. The Given Right

There's no doubt that hunting is a Given Right, which is why we like this show so much (and not just for the cool show name). Kenneth Lancaster and Mark Heck know what they're doing, and the latest episodes prove it.

These shows and more are all available to stream on Waypoint TV, and they're viewable on-demand from any device. If you aren't actually hunting, watching these guys work their magic is the next best thing.