Top 5 Gear Items That Do Double Duty for Hunting AND Fishing

Kill two birds with one stone by grabbing these double duty hunting and fishing items.

Sometimes outdoorsmen get a kick out of multi-purposing. We can't be blamed; the money, time, and effort we use up to support our hobbies can sometimes reach astronomical levels.

So when we can find one thing that's useable during both our fishing and our hunting excursions, we get excited.

Here are five more things you can consider ready for double duty, no matter what kind of outdoor activity you're mixing yourself up in.

1. Camo Hat

The Under Armour Camo Bucket Hat is well worth the investment. It will keep your head concealed while turkey or deer hunting, plus you'll be protected from the sun when you're fresh or saltwater fishing.

2. First Aid Kit

The Tactical Trauma First Aid Kit includes 55 essential pieces of gear, plus a MOLLE-compatible exterior. It's only 8 by 6 by 4 inches total, so there's no excuse not to throw one in your hunting pack and boat.

3. Multi-Tool

The Gerber Bullrush Multi-Tool is by no means overkill; the pliers will certainly come in handy trying to pull embedded hooks out of largemouth gullets. Plus, you' have a gut hook and sharp, reliable blade if you're in need of a blade while hunting and you're in a pinch.

4. Ammo box

Here's an unassuming Plano 3664 Ammo box, but if you use your imagination, it won't take long to fill it with plenty of useful items for both hunting AND fishing.

5. Underwear

Some would say the fish or deer wouldn't care about what kind of underwear you've got on. But really, why risk it? Be smart and choose some Guide Gear Camo Boxer Briefs.

Sure there are more, but these five items are guaranteed to be useful on any hunting trip, and just as much if you take them fishing.

The nice thing is, Sportsman's Guide has several of these options available as 2- or 3-packs with decent savings, meaning you won't have to worry about raiding your boat at the beginning of hunting season, or digging through your deer blind when the trout start biting. Hit up and see what else you can find.