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The Top 20 Best Hunting Dog Names

What’s the best hunting dog name? That’s up to you…

Now I have to admit, I’m sort of biased when it comes to this list. I have a Vizsla that I take hunting with me and his name is Trigger. Which I have always thought was one of the cutest/best names for a hunting dog.

Since all 20 of these names on this list can’t be Trigger, here are 19 other favorites—in no particular order for all types of breeds.

1. Trigger

2. Ruger

3. Scout


4. Arrow

5. Buck


6. Gauge

7. Gunner

8. Rambo

9. Nugent

10. Rosco


11. Chief

12. Colt

13. Bear

5. Fine Tune Fido

14. Duke

15. Ace

16. Otis

17. Maverick


18. Ranger

19. Remy (short for Remington)

20. Jag

What kind of hunting dog do you have, and what clever name did you give him?



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The Top 20 Best Hunting Dog Names